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Milliondollarclinic Brings You No-Nonsense Strategies From The Trenches Of Private Practice Milliondollarclinic That Deliver More Patients

Become a Million Dollar A year Medical Practice

We help everyone from chiropractors, physical therapist, medical doctors, podiatrist, massage therapist and more, build large practices to compete with the hospitals and franchises. Real world techniques that are working today!

How We Do It

Here, learn what is actually working, in the field today, from a practicing doctor. Not old school advice that worked thirty years ago, learn from someone in the trenches who can teach you what is working today!

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  • I was at a really low point in my practice. I had some unfortunate issues and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to practice anymore. I called Dr. Fedich and he walked me through a really tough time. He connected me with people that could help, and now I am happier and more successful than ever! Thanks doc! Dr. Peter Bassora, DC NJ

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    • Peter Bassora, DC
  • Dr. Fedich is an outstanding chiropractor and he has built a very impressive practice. He is innovative and on the cutting edge of the chiropractic profession. He is who I go to for great practice ideas because he is always one step ahead of everyone else! -Dr Micheal Grano, DC Andover, NJ

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    • Micheal Grano, DC
  • I’ve known Dr. Fedich for many years now. I would trust him with the care of my family and those closest to me, he is dedicated to the chiropractic profession and has a passion for helping others. His success in business is a direct result of who he is as a person! Dr. Andrew Grano, DC Hamburg, NJ

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    • Andrew Grano, DC
    • CEO, CompanyName