Dr. Fedich offers both free and fee-based business development consults and products.

Why the free offering? Dr. Fedich has a philanthropist spirit and genuinely respects both your profession and your entrepreneurial spirt. He values the time and energy his mentors invested in him to contribute to his professional success. Giving back in similar fashion is simply the right thing to do.

Why the “fee” offerings? Simply, Dr. Fedich is both a clinician and a businessperson. For more than ten years he has invested heavily (in terms of time, money, and energy) to discover the business and clinical strategies and products that drive his business’ success. He invites you to duplicate his products under your brand, a process that will save you time, energy, and proven to deliver stellar return on investment.

Million Dollar Clinic Course

Price: $1997

Million Dollar Clinic Course: $1997

Whether you simply want to make your practice more financially sound or you dream of one day soon operating a practice that produces profits of $1 million or more, this email is for you!


Right now, my own personal chiropractic practice is making nearly $2 million per year – and I’m doing that during what many consider difficult financial times.


Across the country medical practices are struggling. CNN Money reported that “Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings by physician practices have spiked recently.” Doctors today have to deal with a weak economy, spending cutbacks by consumers, shrinking insurance reimbursements, changing regulations and the rising cost of malpractice insurance … among other things.


The good news is these obstacles can be overcome. I’m living proof of what is possible … and now I want to show you exactly how you can build your own thriving practice that produces $1 million or more in profits each year.


Introducing the Million Dollar Clinic Course


This powerful course reveals step by step what you need to do to build a wildly successful practice. You’ll get my Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice, video training for you, video training for your staff and all the forms and documents you need to run a highly profitable practice. Here is just some of what you’ll learn:


    • How to market your practice so that you attract a constant stream of new patients


    • How to go above and beyond for patients that visit your practice so that they always leave satisfied


    • How to organize your practice so that it operates as smoothly and cost-efficiently as possible


    • How to hire and train staff so that day-to-day activities are handled in the most effective and time-efficient manner


      • How to free yourself up from administrative tasks that take up your time and keep you from seeing more patients


    • And much more


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Million Dollar Mentorship Package

Price: $2500


Million Dollar Mentorship Package ($500/Month or One-Time $4800)


  • – 2-Days Free Access Inside the Million Dollar Clinic
  • – Email Membership Subscription
  • – Phone Consult Subscription
  • – Reproducible Clinical and Marketing Products
  • Email Me to Schedule Your Free Telephone Consult Prior to Purchase


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Wanna skip the bs seminar and books and tapes and come see a real million dollar practice in working shape? Well, for a select few doctors or therapist, Dr. James Fedich will let you peak under his hood of his million dollar plus multi-specialty clinic. Come see him manage a multi-specialist team of acupuncturist, chiropractors, physical therapist, medical doctors, massage therapist, all working together to create a booming, stress-free and fun practice. Only select clients will be approved. Availability will be limited. Dr. Fedich’s clinic is in northwest NJ, Hackettstown, NJ. The clinic is less than 1 hour from Newark Airport. Transportation and lodging can be arraigned but is not part of the fee. Only a few appointments are allowed per month as the clinic and doctor are very busy! Take materials, photocopy promos, meet the staff, doctors, therapist, go out to lunch with Dr. James Fedich!

Monthly Email Consulting

Price: $200

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Monthly Email Consulting $200/Month
Get Unlimited Email Coaching with Dr. James Fedich! He will be available to you to answer any and all questions you may have about your practice or life! Also, he will share with you any pertinent documents or materials which you may need! This is not the product for someone who wants to be babysat. You must engage, email him your stats and ask questions. This is for you to get quick answers to your burning practice questions and access his million dollar Rolodex. Dr. Fedich will share with you his secret vendors, contacts, and strategies as requested! There will be a limited number of email coaching clients as Dr. Fedich is still running a successful practice. Hurry and grab your spot today. You will be auto charged monthly unless you cancel.

Half Hour Consultation

Price: $250

Half Hour Consultation: $250

Have a burning question about your practice? Something you can’t figure out? Why re-invent the wheel? Dr. Fedich has seen it before and done it before. Get an opinion from one of the brightest young minds in the field, learn what is working today, in the field, in a million dollar clinic! Dr. Fedich will spend one-half hour over the phone with you to work out your issue or talk about your practice. His calendar is pretty full, still running a practice and consulting with doctors all over the country. Times may be limited, but he can make it work!

Your Own BOOK!

Price: $2500

Blueprint to Publish Your Own Book ($2500)


  • – Provides You Instant Credibility as a Published Author
  • – Revenue Generating Product
  • – Step-by-Step Guidance Throughout the Publishing Process


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Did you ever want your own book? Well, we already wrote one! This book has the basics of chiropractic, nutrition and explanations of what different therapies and modalities you may or may not do. It has a whole section on explaining common diagnoses such as sprain strain, disc problems, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and more. Give it to your patients on the first visit to establish credibility, build rapport, and build yourself as an expert. We already wrote the book! We will send you the checklist of services you offer to include, write us a brief story about why you are a chiropractor, and we will do the rest! We will mail you finished books, you hand out to patients! This will be a fairly quick process, but you won’t have the book in days, we need to add your section, do unique artwork, upload, get printed etc.

This is the number one tool to explode your practice! The book is aimed mostly at chiropractors, but we could customize for other professions. Email us an individual quote if you are not a chiropractor.

Getting a book published and printed will take a few months! It will be worth it.

2500 upfront will cover the cost of getting the book published and ready to print. You will purchase books from us after that. With shipping and handling books will probably run 6-8 dollars after that, but we will see based on how many pages, and how many books ordered at once. If you’re ordering quantity the costs will go down, and we are subject to our printers pricing.

For a free consultation about getting a book published, email us, info@milliondollarclinic.com

Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice


“Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice” by Dr. James R. Fedich (Amazon: $24.99)

  • - Insider’s Deep-Dive Into My Business Operations
  • - All Key Clinical and Business Processes Defined
  • - Process Prioritization
  • - Staffing, Insurance, Billing Strategies (and More)

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Secrets of a million dollar practice take you inside the head and practice of a current million dollar practice. Learn the trick tools and actual examples that are working today inside a million dollar practice. Dr. James Fedich doesn't hold anything back as he takes you inside and shows you the secrets of a million dollar practice. See the actual ads being used today in a working clinic. Follow along the yearly calendar to ensure your practice success. Learn staff management, insurance billing issues. This is your look under the hood of a million dollar a year clinic. Nothing is held back!

Learn the insider's secrets on how to successfully run a million dollar a year clinic. Learn from someone in the trenches doing it year after year. Nothing is held back in this tell-all book. Examples of pieces actually working in today's world.

E-Book (Free)

Some of the Amazing FREE TIPS IN THIS EBOOK!

  • - Generating Referrals
  • - Patient Appreciation Days
  • - Internet Marketing (SEO, PPC, Youtube, Facebook)
  • - Gathering Testimonials
  • - Managing Staff, clinical and non-clinical.

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